My experiences in bihar on the

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My experiences in bihar on the

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Danapur is a small town in a rural area, located about an hour and a half from Patna proper. To get to the town, we had to drive through a military base, the Danapur Cantt, and while we were passing through, it began pouring down rain.

Rather than being deterred by the monsoon, Dr.

My experiences in bihar on the

Satyajit simply slowed down the car, and we followed a military truck through the torrential rain at 5mph until we reached the town.

There, it was not difficult to figure out which building the clinic was held in, as a huge crowd of people was waiting outside. It is a remarkable experience to be watched by that many eyes, especially when they belong to people who are depending upon you and your colleagues to fix their illnesses.

The building, as it turned out, was actually a primary school; there were scribbled lessons on a chalk board in the corner, and a tattered poster of Mickey Mouse on the wall. The Sinhas rapidly set up their equipment and began calling in patients, while I was stationed behind a patient where I had spread out the reading glasses and sunglasses I had brought with me.

Although the power failed frequently, the Sinhas were undeterred, using torches for their examinations and keeping records by candlelight after night fell. It was extraordinary to see the doctors in action, like nothing I had ever seen or would ever see in the United States.

I sat with my table of glasses next to Dr. Pooja, who very kindly took the time to explain to me what she was doing and how she was diagnosing each case.

My Experience In Bihar On The Ethical Essay Sample

First, each patient would be called to sit on a bench in front of the doctor, and asked about his or her complaints. While the patient was describing these, Dr.

The efficiency with which the doctors saw patients, while still listening carefully to their symptoms and giving them the best possible examination with the available tools, was truly amazing.

However, what struck me equally hard was the extraordinary need of the people who came to the clinic at Danapur. While many of the people whom we had seen at charity clinics in Patna were poor, the rural people who came to the Danapur clinic very obviously had less access to medical care and other services than their urban counterparts.

Indeed, it was the experience of seeing and interacting with these patients, of watching by candlelight as they filed by in seemingly endless procession, that indelibly stamped on my mind the necessity of contributing, through my life and work, to the rectification of such injustices.

To put it another way, Danapur was impossible to ignore. There was nothing abstract about it.

It was the real deal, the third world pressing into my first-world mind, touching some internal spot which was the locus of dreams and career plans. Because of the context in which I encountered the profound need of Danapur, I did not come away with a sense of hopelessness or fatalism.

My experiences in bihar on the

Rather, I came away with the strong sense that it was necessary for me, like the Sinhas, to take active part in fixing the problems that I had seen. Indeed, I think it is impossible to spend two weeks with the Sinha family without coming to understand that a single, motivated person is absolutely capable of changing the world.Until a few months ago I had never even heard of the Bihar School of Yoga, Munger, or of its founder, Swami Satyananda Saraswati.

One evening, a friend invited me to a yoga nidra session conducted by the BSY Bombay Ashram, but I was reluctant to attend as I felt sure that yoga was not for me.

An added experience is that, the Ganges flows down through Bihar. About 15kms from the project site is a perfect spot, a village called Sinha with abundant raw clay and the Ganges River wide as ever. You'll find only a hand full of people using this part of the river for their rituals and duties, which makes the experience more exclusive.

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My Experience In Bihar On The Ethical Essay Sample By admin In Essay Samples On October 28, Ethical motives is a set of moral rules that govern a person’s behaviour or the conducting of an activity. my experiences in bihar on the ethical essay  MY EXPERIENCES IN BIHAR ON THE ETHICAL CONDUCT OF RESIDENTS AND LEADERS Ethics is a set of moral principles that govern a person's behavior or the conducting of an activity.

My Experience at Bihar School of Yoga A.K. Lakhanpal, Bombay Until a few months ago I had never even heard of the Bihar School of Yoga, Munger, or of its founder, Swami Satyananda Saraswati.

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