Hook me up sandwiches trademark

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Hook me up sandwiches trademark

Are these stores still there? Of course, as I well know. Kept hitting the wrong key and not seeing it. At least I had shown I know how to spell Nebraska in the same post!

Payback, I suppose, for sniping at typos in others' posts. I remember being surprised when the track closed. Because I would have thought my partner's relatives would have kept it solvent for all time.

And the men are all boobs, you know what I mean? A bushel of rubes.

So this thread is varied. In bulk, everyone looks hungry in NE or else kind of dead. I made a tidy living as a teenager working either truck stops or Chinese restaurants.

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Because literally every town has at least one and they always need floating staff. Clearly, the Chinese food is somewhat the thing you get when you order by at a fast food place in the east coast but made for mid-western people.

Everyone looked at the menu and ordered by so it was relatively easy. Each had a vague translation of what you could expect. My favorite part of any day was when I was asked what I recommended. Do people just feel compelled to eat them because they're local?

I was just looking at those images, too. They supposedly smell like farts though,according to the posters upthread, so I guess that counteracts the repellent appearance.

What they served had only a passing resemblance to what they call a Runza today. They were smaller with a more delicate crust and served with a gravy.

You ate them with a knife and fork. After WWII a woman started selling them in a little building on the west edge of Lincoln, it was a glorified shack with a walk-up window, but she made a living at it. That's where it stood until the 's when her nephew the current owner of the chain stole her recipe and had the bright idea to trademark the name "Runza.

At the same time there was a regional drive-in chain called KINGS Food Host going broke, and he copied their hamburger and a few other menu items and came up with a viable concept he could franchise.

Maid Rite started with a guy selling a cooker that would cook ground beef and then keep it warm and moist for hours.

Trademark Sandwiches – GS | Chomp's Delicatessen

It was a clever device, you put the raw meat in one end and the cooker was sloped so that the grease would run off. As the meat cooked you moved it down the slope until it was finished, and then it would sit in a warmer.

You then added seasoning chicken broth was one of the original ingredients and an occasional shot of water, and the meat would be fresh all day. It was perfect for little drive-in restaurants along the Lincoln Highway because you could quickly spoon the meat into a bun and have the customer on his way in seconds.

It was all about speed and convenience. The original concept called for the cooker to sit in the middle of the restaurant, and there would be a horseshoe shaped counter with stools all around it so the customers could watch their sandwiches being made. The gimmick was that you didn't buy the cooker, you rented it, and part of the rental was that you were obligated to buy the special seasoning from the parent company.

Well, the parent company went broke during the depression, so the operators started to spice the sandwiches with whatever they thought would sell, so now some of them add onion, some add ketchup neither of which were in the original formulaand it's turned into a real crap shoot when you stop at one.

There have been several attempts at reviving the name and selling new franchises, but none have really taken off. The other problem is that the original cooker with both raw and finished meat in the same compartment won't even begin to pass modern health department codes, so there have been a variety of solutions tried with mixed success.

HOOKMEUP GOURMET SANDWICHES Trademark - Serial Number :: Justia Trademarks I think you drew blood this time. I got filled up this morning on…….
The all new ashio-midori.com Local warungs [cafes] that even made some minimal attempt of producing food that looked, or tasted, a little bit western when on the plate, became overnight sensations.

If you stop at one it's not very likely that what they serve you has much in common with the original Maid Rite sandwich from 90 years ago. I don't think either concept would work very well if you tried starting them from scratch, but everyone in Nebraska Runza and Iowa Maid Rite knows about them, and they do have a loyal following.

Hook me up sandwiches trademark

But at least you can block me and see in part through a little critical thinking and research that I am in earnest. I literally could not be more earnest.Having eaten thousands of sandwiches over the years, I kinda consider myself an expert on them, and this one blew my mind. Posts about Hook Me Up Gourmet Sandwhiches and cheeses all organic vegetables and over sandwiches on the menu these people are the best treat me and my sons like royalty and hook us up so far I'm on 5/5(25).

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It is a spot that one can forget if they don't frequent it. The "Hook Em Up", is the trademark sub. It's is great. It is way better than the chain sub shops. Including subway 5/5(67). Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and ashio-midori.com

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